What are solar nails?

What are solar nails?

Are you thinking of experimenting with solar, gel or acrylic nails? Do you love French manicure but hate the hassle of getting It using nail polish? Personally, I hate that raggedy look that comes after a few days of applying nail polish, so I decided to try out solar nails

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So, what are solar nails?

Solar nails can be considered as a subgroup of your typical acrylic nails. They are made by Creative Nail Design through combining white and pick acrylics and are directly applied on your nail to give it that dual-toned—like a French Manicure. Originally, the term “solar nails” was used to refer to a specific acrylic nail brand of Creative Nail
Design, but nowadays different salons use it to refer to a variety of techniques and products.

What is good in solar nails? Surely everyone can do it at home at home and very fast! For any occasion whether it’s a name day, a wedding or any other party. Step by step solar nails can also be done in the salon but it seems to me that it is better to do it by yourself


Are solar nails any different from acrylic nails?

When you say acrylic, it means the material is made from polymethyl methacrylate; powder and liquid that when mixed hardens on the nail. It is the stuff grandma used to use, and don’t last as long as solar nails.

Solar nails—also known as “pink and whites,” are commonly thought to be made of up of plastic nail extensions which are then glued to your nail—the tip, and then liquid/powder formula is layered over it to seal it. Some salons say solar nails and acrylic nails are different products which are technically untrue.

True solar nails, the nail technician doesn’t use artificial tips but they instead, apply multiple layers of acrylic to your entire nail. The first layer is white which is then followed by a pink layer with the latter being applied only to your nail bed.

What do solar nails look like?

It’s a common consensus that solar nails look similar to a French manicure. They have a distinctive natural look especially when you compare them to extensions. Part of their appeal is they don’t require you to use bulky or thick tips. Some say they have a glossier finish as opposed to artificial nails.

How to apply Solar nails

Like every other artificial nail application, your nail first needs to be prepared. Your nail technician will first clean, buff and file your nail after which they’ll apply one or two coats of the primer.

They’ll then apply some liquid acrylic on the nail brush while taking care to remove the excess on the jar. After which they’ll dip the layered acrylic brush into the acrylic powder—the white one. It is then swirled circularly until tiny ball forms.

Once the powder has absorbed enough of the liquid and there is a workable gel, your technician will mentally dissect the nail three ways; the nail bed, seam and free edge. Appy solar nails is easy.

The free edge is the extended outer section of the tip of our nail, the nail bed is the bottomsection of your nail that sits on your finger, and the seam is where the free edge and nail bedmeet.

Your nail technician will apply the acrylic to all three sections at different intervals after which they’ll blend all the sections. Once the first acrylic coat dries, they’ll repeat the same process for the second pink layer. But like we mentioned earlier, the pink layer only goes to your nail bed.

How to properly maintain and take care of your solar nails

Having long nails comes with a few risks, one of them being that germs and dirt tend to get caught around or under your nails which make your nails dirty or even ridden by fungus. To keep my nails clean, I like to spritz them with about 91% rubbing alcohol and scrubbing them now and then—whenever I’m washing my hands. If you wanna get fashion nails you must try with solar nails

Filling and touching up your nails

Since these nails don’t use tips, you can have them for much longer before a gap develops between your nail bed and the acrylic on your nails.

The gap comes as a result of normal nail growth. Unlike extensions that require being filed every one or two weeks, solar nails are filed every three weeks.

If you get a good technician, then solar nails can last up to four weeks before you need to file them. However, you should note that if you take a longer time between filings, then you might damage your nails.

How to remove solar nails

Removing your solar nails is pretty similar to removing your everyday acrylic extensions. First, you soak your hands in liquid acetate for about 15 minutes, so the acrylic softens.

Some people prefer dipping their fingers in a bowl with the chemical while others like to soak apiece of cotton or cloth, place it over their nails and wrap it aluminum foil, so it stays in place. This provided additional mobility when removing solar nails (how to remove solar nails)

Whichever way you choose, you’ll have to check the progress now and then. If the acrylic hassoftened yet, then you’ll have to repeat the process again. Once the acrylic has softened enough, you can use a cosmetic pad or cloth to wipe it off.

All that’s left is for you to wash your hands thoroughly and to remove any lingering smell orresidues.

Should you consider solar nails? Here are some of their benefits.

Since solar nails are real nails coated with acrylic, they are thus far more durable and aren’t susceptible to breakage, chipping or simply popping off, unlike other acrylic-based extensions. The white and pink coloring of solar nails gives them enough “flash” so you don’t need to wear nail polish, unlike some artificial nails. Additionally, you can easily buff up the acrylic for a more natural and shinier look. To give them a glossier look, you can apply cuticle oil. Solar nails are specially formulated, so they don’t have that lingering yellow discoloration which occurs over time with conventional acrylics. Meaning you won’t have to worry about spending too much time outside.

Final thoughts

Solar nails are quickly becoming a popular choice among nail treatment enthusiasts and the fact that they are refillable, aren’t discolored in tanning sessions, are durable, last longer and are the closest you can get to a French manicure without nail polish which just adds to their appeal. Now if you’re asked what solar nails are, am sure you’ll be in a much better place to answer.

Solar nails is a best fashion nails!