Various Types Of Nail Polish Style

Nails with colourful ornaments can give a feeling of pleasure to yourself and of course, make you become more confident when out of the house. Decorate your nails can also do by yourself without the need to go to the salon. How? Here are a few fashion nails which you can try:

Various types of nail polish style

– Glass nail decoration

Glass nails are now a trend among young people. How easy you live to buy silver coloured paper that resembles a glass of silver and stay put on the nail.

– Nail geometry

Colouring nails with two colours is also not a difficult thing. You only need two nail polish and a piece of transparent plastic paper. But must be careful when painting it.

– Decorative golden nail polish

First, paint your nails with one colour that you think is most beautiful. Then grab the plastic that you have squeezed and dip it in gold paint. Then put it on your knee. Voila is already finished.

– Lightning nail decoration

Want shiny nails blaring? You can try the lightning motif. First paint the nails with the whole black colour. Then add a little purple and blue. After that give the last stroke of white colour like lightning.

– Nail trimmings

If you have a lace fabric that is not used at home, can be used for nail decoration. First the nail polish with white colour. Then attach the lace on it and paint it in pink. After drying off the lace. Voila, nail motif lace. Funny?

– Ornament ombre nails

Not only the hair that can ombre. Nails can also you know. The material is also easy, you just need nail polish and sponge. First nail polish with one full colour. After that mix the two colours of nail polish and apply on the sponge. Then attach the sponge to your nail and make the nail with the ombre motif.

– Polka-dot pattern nail polish

If this one you need a transparent paper that you have painted polka-dot motifs. First the nail polish with your favourite colour. Then paste the transparent paper over it and paint it in white. After drying, remove the paper.