Strawberry nails step by step guide best summer nails

Hi. Today i wanna show you about Strawberry nails.

Strawberry nails

It goes summer, so it’s perfect time for fruity nails. Strawberries on the nails? Why not! It’s very fashionable nails lately, and many women choose to print. How to do it yourself? Well, it’s not that difficult. I will present you today in a few steps how to make great and summer nails. Friends will certainly envy you.


strawberry nails
strawberry nails

You need a few things to make strawberry nails

  • Red lacquer
  • Green lacquer
  • Black lacquer
  • Brush with thin hair or toothpick
  • Colorless varnish
  • Adhesive tape or french strips


First step:
Paint your nails red

Step two:

Wait until your fingernails dry thoroughly. In order to accelerate this process you can use a spray to accelerate drying of the paint.

Step three:

Cut a piece of adhesive tape, cut the edge of it with a zig-zag scissors and stick it on the nail. The zigzag should be around the free edge of the nail
If we have practice, we will make green liner leaves from the strawberry. Smile line or help with french stripes.

Step Four:
Apply nail polish on the nail polish to the nail varnish – they will be the leaves of the strawberry.

Step five:
Gently and slowly remove the tape from the nail just after painting it. Do not wait until the varnish is dry. It is best to do it right after the painting and not wait.

Step six:
Use a brush or toothpick to paint black and white dots.

Step Seven:
When the varnish is dry, cover it with a clear lacquer

Finished! Your fashionable nails perfect for summer are already on your hands.

How do we assess the difficulty of performing these nails?

I think that everyone should handle this, a very good method to learn is simply enter on and enter the strawberry nails or strawberry nails art will pop the results that will guide you how to step by step make your dream nails.

Very often he gets the message that someone writes that he can not cope with these nails alone. If you are not able to do them yourself, go to the nearby nail salon and just do your nail salon, carefully watching what is done on your nails. Very often we learn the best way and this gives us the best results and on the second day we can do it ourselves.

I love these nails and would recommend them to anyone for any occasion. Fits perfectly to everything

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At the same time these nails show your femininity. I recommend them to do it right here for the summer or for another season they add a lot of charm to beauty! They fit very well in red dresses or skirts but in black they do well. If you are wondering what kind of outfit to choose, write boldly in the comment! 🙂