Solar Nails vs acrylic nails

Summer is the time when with the color of the nail everyone can go crazy. Women often paint their nails with neon, bright colors to catch their attention.We also reveal feet. Summer sandals are a perfect idea, but only if the woman has neat and nice nails. Today I come to you with a nail entry in your hand. I would like to describe the differences between solar nails and gel nails. So I invite you to read about solar nails vs acrylic nails

solar nails
Picture of solar nails

Difference between solar nails and gel nails

– The first difference is that solar nails are acrylic nails,but gel nails are made of polymer resins. Composition is very important because some women may have allergies to some ingredient. So let’s pay close attention to that.

– The second difference is the way of fixation. Solar nails harden by air, while gel nails are cured by ultraviolet light. This is also important because we can save on time and we don’t need a lamp to fix our nails if we choose solar nails.

– Another important issue is price. Solar nails are cheaper than gel nails. Its a good idea if you save money,but you would have a nice nails.

– A hard working woman is not afraid of work. Sometimes we have bad accidents. Only a woman will understand how sad thing is breaking a nail. So it is important to repair it.
Solar nails can be fixed at home., while gel nails unfortunately we can’t be fixed at home.

– Length of nail life. Every woman wants to have beautiful nails for a long time, so which method is better? It turns out that solar nails are longer lasting than gel nails which have shorter life span.

– Natural look is something that depends on each of us. Nobody wants to be associated with ugly artificial nails. Natural look is very important.
So choose gel nails which have natural apperance. Solar nails while look less natural.

Removal method is an important thing for everyone. However, there are people who have a very sensitive nail plate, so they pay special attention. For such people I recommend solar nails because can be easily removed by using acetone. Gel nail need to be filed off or sometimes soaking methods are also used to removal.

– Something for eco people. If you want the product to be environmentally friendly, choose gel nails because are more eco-friendly as they don’t produce chemical fumes. Unfortunately solar nails produce chemical fumes which are not so eco-friendly

– Safety. Nobody wants to have ruined nails. So you should pay attention to what you put on it. Gel nails are safer in this regard.Solar nails cause damage to the nail bed and can cause fungal and bacterial infections.

In conclusion I can not say which way is better. Each of us should read this post and choose a method that is good for you. Everyone is different and has different nails. If you are an eco fan, choose gel nails, while if you are looking for a price, choose solar nails.The choice is yours.I hope this post helped you choose the method that is perfect for you.

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