Nail Drill – What is the best?

Hi. Today i wanna show you what is nail drill and best pros and cons about this drill.  What to choose Nail Drill? This question is asked by every nail stylist before he buys the first milling machine.Various types and types of milling machines are available on the market. They vary in power, speed, appearance,

Solar Nails vs acrylic nails

Summer is the time when with the color of the nail everyone can go crazy. Women often paint their nails with neon, bright colors to catch their attention.We also reveal feet. Summer sandals are a perfect idea, but only if the woman has neat and nice nails. Today I come to you with a nail

What are solar nails?

What are solar nails? Are you thinking of experimenting with solar, gel or acrylic nails? Do you love French manicure but hate the hassle of getting It using nail polish? Personally, I hate that raggedy look that comes after a few days of applying nail polish, so I decided to try out solar nails

Difference between acrylic and gel nails

Hi! Today we write about acrylic nails vs gel nails Difference between acrylic and gel nails About Acrylic Nails: Acrylic nails,but also gel nails have many fans or opponents. The main reason for this is different character. The acrylic is very hard strongly lies on the nail plate. As a result these nails have a

Various Types Of Nail Polish Style

Nails with colourful ornaments can give a feeling of pleasure to yourself and of course, make you become more confident when out of the house. Decorate your nails can also do by yourself without the need to go to the salon. How? Here are a few fashion nails which you can try: Various types of

Nail Style Reflects Who You Are

Who you are nail style reflects Beautify yourself does not really cost expensive if you know how. Everything you can do yourself at home by using objects around. One of them is to decorate the nails. Did you know that the shape of the nail you choose describes your personality? Just like everything else, surely