Nail Style Reflects Who You Are

Who you are nail style reflects

Beautify yourself does not really cost expensive if you know how. Everything you can do yourself at home by using objects around. One of them is to decorate the nails. Did you know that the shape of the nail you choose describes your personality? Just like everything else, surely we have the favourite nail shape we like. It turns out that the choice of your fashion nails can tell the style of your lifestyle.


solar long nails
solar long nails


Here are some commonly used nail styles and also the personality of its users:

– Ballerina / Coffin

You are the personification of the word “fashionista” and you can always be found with manicures and pedicures that are always well groomed and new.

– The box

You are the perfect fusion between modern classical meet. You can bring a bold and edgy manicure with a timeless classic style.

– Squoval

You are always up to date with the latest fashion trends. Everything related to fashion and style has always been an inspiration for you and surely you never left behind any recent trends.

– Oval

You are the one who loves the elegantly earthy style. Your favourite manicure is a classic natural thing, always a mainstay style.

– Round

You are a girl who does not bother and likes a simple thing. Therefore, manicure round is best suited for you!

Almond shape

The feminine glamour style is your style. There will never be a time when you will be seen with messy nails.

– Stiletto

You are a very brave and fiery man, and your kitten reflects that.

– The shape of Lipstick

New challenges, new experiences are your hobbies. You also have an edgy and dynamic style. If there is a new trend, surely you do not hesitate to try it.

So which one do you like the most?


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