Top 3 Fashion Nails In Summer

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Today comes to you with a post about fashion nails. Top 3 fashion nails in summer!

What is it actually?


These are very popular nails that are trendy this season around the world. It is summer, so often nails women want to have bright, neon, white, which contrast with the tan.
Fashion nails is increasingly determined by the nails that are very popular and just have them all.

Nails are very important in the summer, especially at the feet, because in summer we wear shoes with exposed fingers. It is worth to take care of this period because many people pay attention to this. Well-kept nails testify of you and your business card, remember that.

Strawberry Nails 

The latest trend is the strawberry nails, perfectly fitting into the period in which we are currently. Post about them here.
Many women want to have them because they are original and look very good in summer on the palms of each and every creature.

Definitely avoid dark colors during this period, they simply look bad on tan.

So you can say that strawberry nails are definitely fashion nails.

Another important thing is their care, ie hand and foot care, that is, the nails will look nice, only on well-cared foot and hands, do not forget to moisturize and remove the dead epidermis from the feet.

Bubble Nails

These are definitely nails for the brave. Not every woman would like to have them on. You have to admit that they look decisively courageous and belong to people who are simply not afraid and experiments.

Your personal feelings about these nails? Write boldly in the comments! We are curious about your opinion about them!

How to do it?

This is a very difficult matter for these nails. Bubble nails already require a decisive nail training experience and not every person will be able to handle them at the very beginning. If you have a problem executing them go to the bubble nails salon and do it yourself!

This is a good trend that may be getting more and more popular but it is definitely for brave people and for a given circumstance not on a daily basis.


Solar Nails

If you do not have a lot of summer time and you want to have neat nails opt for solar nails. If you do not know what to look for here how to design solar nails. This is a great idea for women who value good looks but do not have much time. They are very durable, inexpensive and also look good for every circumstance. If you are allergic to the use of acrylic nails that are very similar to solar nails however they have a different composition and they do not need you to be allergic.

Solar nails are very popular recently and are gaining momentum all the time. More and more people are choosing it because they look healthy and solid!


Which nails to choose?


As you can see we have chosen the 3 types of nails that dominate at the present moment. If you have any questions, you would like to ask something, please leave your comment! Pick your nails just as you feel it. What is important to you and what kind of nails do you need? Remember they describe you. If you are brave choose bubble nails, however, if you would like to simply have a healthy looking panzer choose solar nails, and if you care about class and comfort then I would definitely recommend this period of strawberry nails as they are definitely fashionable during this period.

Today would be so much. I hope I helped you choose your favorite nails and you will be doing it today!

Thank you that you are!