Bubble Nails New Trend – Popular Nails 2017

What is the Bubble Nails 2017?

Oval, rectangular or tonsil shaped. There are several standard nail shapes that do not emit more emotion. The strangest shape that gained any popularity was the foot duck. These expanding tips were both awe and awe. After all, for some reason he had his five minutes. There was a new fashion on the nails. It has already earned the nickname “bubble nails”. It’s amazing because they look terrible repair.

Many thought that nothing strange would happen. However, there was quite strong competition in the form of nails in the shape of … bubbles.

What do Bubble Nails look like?
Bubble Nails can be made of gel or acrylic. Everything depends on our preferences. A characteristic bubble is created in the nail processing process.
The recipe on the “nail bubbles” is simple. First round them, then “blow”. In short, the point is to emphasize them. One thing is certain – they look terrible and unesthetic. What is it? Manicurist imposes thick layers of acrylic, concentrating them on the middle of the plate. To shape the center of the nail with a raised bubble, apply on an acrylic plate. Actually a ton of acrylic. Of course this can cause corrosion of the nail plate. However, women, as you can see, such side effects are not terrible. This creates a “bubble”. It is hard to say whether this trend will actually take over or remain an internet curiosity. We do not quite know the nail-bubbles of great success.


Fantastic Bubble Nails present’s on the top. What do you think about this nails?