How to have beautiful and long nails?

Fashion Nails

Beautiful, long and fashion nails is it possible? Of course. Today I will describe to you some ways to have fashion nails. Beautiful hands and nails are our business card. So take care not necessarily. Many women have a problem with weak and fragile nails. Their growth lasts very long and eventually they split and break. How to deal with this? It turns out that just a few simple tips, and your nails will become more beautiful


12 Ways to long fashion nails

1. The most important thing to provide your body with the right vitamins. Many tablets are available on the market to supplement the deficiencies. Remember when buying pills read the composition they will not all work favorably.

2. Nail remover. In the drugstore there are many items that are noteworthy. They help not only strengthen the nail plate, but also cause nail growth at a rapid pace.Here you also have to be careful some may have harmful substances and may cause allergic reactions. So always read composition and test. You will surely find your ideal.

3. Limit the nail polish to the usual lacquer for the time you want to rebuild your nails. It adversely affects the plate. So if you want to enjoy your nice nails later and have a nice look of lacquer on them then let them rest now from the colorful frenzy.

4.Any housework, such as cleaning, washing, peeling, wash in gloves. Detergents act very badly on the nails and hands. Dry the nail plate and skin. Therefore, remember the gloves!

5.Alternative to the conditioners in the lacquer are nutrients in the cream. They have better performance and you can apply them several times a day to strengthen their effect. They are usually more effective and produce better results.Their additional advantage is that you can make a massage when you apply the nail polish. This stimulates nail growth and accelerates the process.Pay special attention to the matrix. So the white moon on the nail. You can do it anywhere and anytime. It’s fast and has no problem.You can do this by watching your favorite series, going to school or work, and evenings before bed to relax.

6.Use only a glass file. It is more hygienic and safer for your nails. You can wash it with soapy water and get rid of outdated bacteria. Unfortunately, the paper file can not be washed, so the glass is definitely better. The glass file will not damage the nail and will not split the nail. It is resistant to abrasion so it does not wear too fast.

7. Mineral files are also great. When you are fingernail they complement your plate with the necessary for their growth and healthy appearance of the minerals. This prevents further damage to the nail.

8. Always nail your nails in one direction – sawing alternately on one side to the other will lead to fraying their ends and split.

9. Polling is your ally, but also the enemy. So do not overdo the polishing of the nail plate. Each such treatment prolongs the weakening of the nail plate. It leads to the brittleness of the nails and stops their growth. They become thin and look tragic. Do not do this more than at least every 3 or 4 weeks.

10.Do you pay attention to the compositions that you apply to the nail plate. Calcium and silicon greatly strengthen the nails and cause their hardness.

11. Proper diet is beneficial for your nails. So pay attention to your menu. Often reach for nuts, leafy vegetables, fish and – for the brave – tran, cheese and liver. The vitamins and micronutrients supplied from the food that are important for the nails are B vitamins, vitamin H, A, C, iron, calcium, vitamin E, magnesium, zinc, saturated fatty acids.

12. Remember the cleanliness. Wash your hands, however, and moisturize them often. Because soaps can dry your plate.


If despite the above advice your nails are still in bad shape. You must report to your doctor. It may be a signal that something is wrong with your organism. Do not underestimate it. Also remember that the effects will not come overnight. You have to be patient and the effects will come out. Then you will be able to enjoy their healthy and fashionable look. Everything takes time and it all depends on the degree of destruction of your nails. Do not be discouraged at first.