Appnana Hack 2017/2018 New Method

Today i wanna show you all about appnana hack. If you want a lot of informations and tips about this apk you must read this article.

  1. Click button Generate to add unlimited nanas and appnana hack

Last Update: 23/12/2017

About Appnana application

By registering we receive 10,000 points to start.
The main source of points are the various offers (which essentially require downloading and running an application).
Once a day, we get 400 points per application launch.
The application has an invitation system. Invited and invited receive 2500 points.
In AppNana there are no material prizes. The prize list is in the post.
AppNana does not currently have native apps on iOS devices (for these devices, open in Safari). The Android app is available here.


Every user has a unique invitational code, which allows them to collect their points more quickly and step by step exchange them for different moods.
appnana hack

Appnana Rewards:

  • $ 1 (30,000 points)
  • $ 2 (45,000 points)
  • $ 3 (60,000 points)
  • $ 5 (90,000 points)
  • $ 10 (160,000 points)
  • $ 50 (650,000 points)
  • $ 100 (1 200,000 points)
  • Google Play Coupons (US only):
  • $ 10 (160,000 points)
  • $ 50 (650,000 points)
  • iTunes Coupons (yes, only US):
  • $ 10 (160,000 points)
  • $ 15 (210,000 points)
  • $ 50 (650,000 points)
  • Money to PayPal account (worldwide):
  • $ 5 (90,000 points)
  • $ 10 (160,000 points)
  • $ 50 (650,000 points)
  • $ 100 (1 200,000 points)
  • Xbox LIVE Coupons (again US only):
  • 400 Microsoft Points (90,000 points)
  • 1200 Microsoft Points (210,000 points)
  • 4000 Microsoft Points (650,000 points)
  • PlayStation Network Coupons (yes – US only!):
  • $ 20 (300,000 points)
  • $ 50 (650,000 points)
  • Bitcoin (world wide):
  • 0.03 BTC (90,000 points)
  • 0.06 BTC (160,000 points)
  • 0.09 BTC (210,000 points)

The possibilities of replacing the collected nanas are plentiful. From the simplest to the colossal sums. What you need is just a free moment and willing to spend with appnana. We download the applications for which we get points and points are exchanged for prizes described above. Appnana took care that everyone was happy. This is an application that pays and pays out a long, very long time. That’s all you need to know about this app before reading the methody about appnana hack

appnana hack proof
appnana hack proof

Appnana Hack

  • What you must do?
    • Register your account in appnana game
    • Copy your invite codes and paste in application
    • Click Generate under this topics
    • Step by step add items, invite codes and click generate
    • Your nanas has been added
  • This secret and simple method can you add unlimited nanas where you want and if you want. Step by step guide how to add your items you can see in landing page of appnana nanas generator. Click link below.

Pros of appnana hack:

  • Simple to use
  • User friendy
  • Work on android and ios
  • 24/7 system
  • Daily updates
  • Safe and undetected

Appnana hack tool 2017

Appnana is application who you can collect nanas and withdraw to money, a lot of money. If you have problem with appnana hack please write comments and i add nanas to your accounts. Very important you must restart your application after add nanas. Appnana work on android and ios. So don’t worry if you have only mobile phone

What peapol think about appnana hack

I am verry cherfull, all work and i recommended it

Cate, United States

Thanks for good tutorial to appnana game, i have a lot of nanas in my account

Stevan, Germany


All informations about my company

We provide general help in adding things to games. We have created a generator for you that will help you get what you want in the app. If you have a problem or an idea of the game you would like to see, write a comment. What we have shown you in this article about appnana hack will allow you to rest for a little while and quickly add the desired things. I showed you the secret method of adding these things, I hope you like it

Appnana Hack


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