Appbounty Hack Tool

AppBounty Hack

AppBounty is an app that gives you a reward when you download a mobile app you wouldn’t typically discover. Once you download the AppBounty hack, you can join for free and earn gift cards for your chosen online stores. You can get gift cards for apps like Google Play, iTunes, Xbox Live, Minecraft Server, Amazon, and others.

The best thing is that even after you’ve downloaded the apps, you can remove them once you received the credits. And the process is easy, all you need to do is go to AppBounty and install the app you prefer for your device. You then get an invite code that helps you claim about 50 free credits then you can start downloading the app.

Since you can always remove the apps when you get your free credits, install as many as you want. All apps have varying worth; there are those that are worth more than others so aim for the high paying apps. If the app is a game, you may be required to complete some levels but they are worth the extra time and when you earn the credits, go to rewards tab and exchange them for gift cards.

How Legit is AppBounty?

It’s obviously hard to believe that you can download free apps to your device and just get paid for that. However, we credit AppBounty for the fact that it has been around for a couple of years and therefore you can be able to flash out the scammers.

The real question will be if the AppBounty works? It does work. All you have to do is download as many apps as you can and receive the credits. The best hack about it is the fact that it’s already a secure system to maneuver.

Another hack is to use the invite codes, then take 50 free credits and then proceed to download as many apps as you can. Make sure that the apps won’t be banned. App developers use AppBounty to get many people to see their apps and get higher ranking in App stores.

However, if you don’t use AppBounty for 60 days, they will wipe off your credit. So you need to make sure that you are continually downloading the apps until you finally cash out.

Take Advantage of the AppBounty Referral Program

The AppBounty Referral Program allows you to earn up to 250 extra credits if you tell your friends about it. The best thing is that the friends will get 50 credits to get them started. Every Ios you install you get 250 credits and 100 credits for every Android install.

Final Thought

If you are looking to earn free gift cards you can use to buy something on Amazon or download other apps you need to pay for, AppBounty is a good choice. The App is legit and has payment proof. Even though it won’t make you rich, it allows you to earn some extra money with no real effort. The hack is to make sure you go the highest paying apps and take advantage of the referral program to gain more credits. The more credits you earn, the higher the cashout.

Appbounty Hack Features:

  • Add unlimited items
  • Daily Updates
  • 24/7
  • Support

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